About us

InfaStage comprises a dedicated team of professionals who have worked together for several years. We have successfully conducted many recruitment projects. Our company is headquartered in the very centre of Kraków and has branches in Warsaw. What sets us apart from others is our flexible, reliable and effective approach to clients' needs and expectations. InfaStage focuses mainly on addressing HR-related needs for IT companies. We source and recruit highly qualified specialists with close regard to all the criteria indicated by the employer. We place special emphasis on the security of personal data and the reliability of processed information throughout the entire recruitment process. Thanks to our comprehensive approach, we are able to aid our partners with reducing employment costs. We maintain stable and reliable access to specialists whom we select by well-tested and highly effective recruitment procedures. Our database includes candidates from Poland in particular, as well as from the EU area, Eastern Europe and Asia with wide range of areas of expertise.

Our Services

Permanent recruitment

We support our Clients in finding best candidates for IT vacancies. Broad professional network, deep understanding of IT  job specifications make us far better suited for that role that many other competitors.  This is especially important for  permanent positions where cost of new joiner on boarding is relatively higher than for contract potions. 

Contract recruitment

Mostly addressed to people with extensive experience who can enter the project on the fly and become an important link in the project team.

Team outsourcing

Lets us deliver whole team with know how and needed skills. Large business network allows us  quickly  assembly team of  ripped individuals  ensuring that the project will be delivered. 

International reach

Using the latest technologies and media, we build a network of our professionals globally. Building a remote team on a different continent is a challenge, but using the experience gained locally is feasible.. 

IT Advisory

We support our partners, prepare IT analyzes, audits, advise on how to implement specific projects, advise on the latest trends in the technology market.

Outplacement and career transition

Mostly addressed to people with extensive experience who can enter the project on the fly and become an important link in the project team.

Our philosophy

 We all live in the era of digital revolution and Infastage wants to be part of it. We want to help our partners leading projects that change our reality by providing them with the best of the best. We know that in this very demanding industry, knowledge, experience, goal orientation is necessary and ideal candidates must have them. We want to work for the best candidates and recommend them to the most interesting IT projects in which they can use their potential in 100%. This is to be our little brick to the digital revolution.